The Hottest Trends in Solid Flooring

Hardwood flooring exudes a particular charm, which is usually not available in some of the other wooden flooring materials. The natural texture, the finesse and the style has a lot to do with the way the flooring has been prepared. For this very reason, there is a lot of emphasis on the hottest trends in solid flooring.

Without further ado, let’s take a quick peek into what’s trending in the solid flooring domain.

·         The darker the color, the better it is: The color is the best feature of solid wood; the darker the color, the more it is revered as a flooring option. Color shades like ebony, Jacobean, espresso and dark walnut are the all time favorites of home owners. The darker the colors, the higher the chances of people choosing it for their homes.

·         Grays flooring: Gray might not be a hot option when it comes to other flooring types; but the moment you lay your eyes on a gray hardwood floor, you will know you want to have it. All the fashion aficionados have developed a special taste for this cool color, which makes it a hot trending flooring color option for a lot of people. Gray is a relatively expensive flooring color, since you need to combine it with high grade water borne poly. When it comes to solid wooden flooring, gray goes best with a maple and birch flooring.

·         Blonde as it goes: The color blonde seems to be becoming an all time favorite for a lot of people these days, especially when it comes to flooring. Since this is a natural color, it makes the rooms look bigger and more spacious. The costing fits within everyone’s budget and the flooring imparts a casual, yet subtle look to the interiors.

Types of finishing for hardwood flooring

While the colors were some of the main pointers which people need to take into consideration, there are other trends also which need to considered in 2017.

·         Satin Finished Wood Floors: Being a blend of glossy and matte finish, satin finishes are usually 40% lustrous. However, since a lot of homeowners are moving more towards the subtle side, satin flooring are going out of trend and might not survive till the end of 2017.

·         Matte Finished Wood Floors: If you need an instant hit with the masses, then this type of finish would come to the fore. While earlier they were considered to be more on the dull side, now they have taken a step forward into the spotlight. If the trending is to be seen, the matte finish will last for another 5-10 years, making it an option to reckon with for a few years down the line.

The trends are changing drastically; while the shiny finish was the hottest trend, it did not take time to fade away. Similarly, oak is a great option as a wooden flooring, but due to its expensive nature, it’s quickly moving out of the limelight. As trends change, a lot will soon be uncovered slowly and gradually. What needs to be seen is how the trends will change further on, by the end of 2017. 

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