Tips to Maintain and Protect Wood Flooring

When you are installing wooden floors, it is also important that you pay attention to the aftermath of the decision. The mere installation of wood flooring will not be enough to make it a talking point amongst visitors. What you need is the right maintenance and protection for your wood flooring so that you can be the proud owner of a home or office that makes quite the impression on others. When installing hardwood floors always take into consideration where and in which room you will be installing them. The number of people who will inhabit the room or the average footfall that the room has to bear will be a deciding factor in this regard.
To protect areas or rooms which have relatively more traffic than the others, you need to pay attention to two aspects, cleaning and protection. To clean such rooms or areas, you should use cleaning products that are compatible with your wood floors. Using a soft bristled brush or a vacuum cleaner with the soft head attachment is useful in cleaning these rooms. 
This is necessary as the dirt and grime cannot be allowed to build up as this would lead to discolouration of the wooden floors. When you need to go for a clean sweep, it is better to go for a damp piece of cloth to wipe the floors rather than the wet piece of cloth as we all know that water and wood hardly agree. If you have a party at home, or if you have young kids at home, chances are that you would have to clean up spills more often than others. But whenever you spot a spill, it is advisable to clean it and wipe it off as soon as possible. Any delay in this and your floor would soak up the liquid and lead to its swelling. Rugs and doormats are also helpful in trapping dirt and grime and you can place them wherever necessary so that your floors stay protected and clean. Placing rugs at strategic points where the sun’s rays fall directly on your wooden floors can also be used to protect them against discolouration. 
Also, clipping the toe nails of pets and not wearing high heels can protect your floors from further wear and tear. Wearing heels will also put dents and scratches on your floors and hence it is advisable that you wear only soft-heeled shoes or flat-bottomed shoes at home to protect your wooden floors. Nexus Flooring can not only provide you with the right floor for your home or office but can also give you excellent advice regarding maintaining them.

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