Walnut Wood Flooring – Why and Where?

Walnut trees are easily available and are usually considered to be a light weight wood. Thus it is ideal for making wood flooring. There are two kinds of walnut wood heart wood and sap wood. 
The heartwood has a slight grey tinge or a mouse-grey to a dark brown color on occasions. It also has color stripes or watermarks depending upon age and location of the walnut tree. It has an irregular grain patter and its cloud like coloring gives it a special look that is ideal for using as a decorative wood. The pattern on walnut wood is because of its growth rings, large pores on the wood and its dark color.
Walnut wood should ideally be used as a flooring material because of it is relatively heavy compared other woods such as oak and bamboo. It is also hard and resistant to weathering and tethering. It is also warp proof and has good strength. It has a limited durability to weather and thus its use should only be restricted to indoor use only. 
Walnut is a hardwood and it can be used in the construction of almost everything, which speaks of its versatility. Walnut trees are usually hundred feet tall in size and have a large canopy on leaves. The wood has a dark look, with the color in certain cases seen to be even black. The wood is known for its durability. Walnut flooring is perfect for contrasting type of room decoration where while colored walls may be paired with dark colored woods. Walnut flooring is perfect for interior decoration of homes and is also a very worth investment.
Walnut flooring can be finished in a number of ways. It can be brushed, smoked or oiled. All these styles of wood finishing looks good on walnut wood floors. Walnut wood floors, owing to its very high durability need very less caring and thus can be used in room with a very high footfall. Since the entire wood is dark in color, the wearing out effect of wood flooring is not very starkly seen in this case. Also regular maintenance is not a bug problem owning to its very high resistance power.
Walnut wood flooring can be used for living rooms or classroom or office floors where a heavy traffic is expected. it can be paired with light colored walls and light colored furniture. This will bring out the true color and hue of the flooring. Good flooring always brings out the taste and fashion of the owner in its true sense.

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