Why One Should Opt For Engineered Oak Flooring?

Engineered Oak flooring is the best option for anyone who is seeking for beautiful as well as the easy maintenance oak flooring.

The wooden flooring is manufactured from timber and wood is the most preferable flooring due to its ability to withstand wear, pressure or damage, environmental profile and restorability.

As oak tree takes decades and decades to grow, it is the hardest and the most popular flooring options you can choose. Not just it’s the strongest, oak looks great because it comes in a huge variety of shades.

There are basically two types of wooden flooring:

– Solid Oak Flooring

– Engineered Oak Flooring

Let’s discuss the benefits of engineered Oak flooring.

Engineered oak flooring is recommended where there are temperature and moisture fluctuations because dampness, rise, and fall in temperature causes wood to expand and contract. Due to the expansion and contraction of oak flooring caused by heating, solid wood flooring isn’t generally considered the right option, so one should really look at engineered oak.

Engineered oak flooring comes with certain advantages, which makes it the most preferable flooring.

  • Eco-friendly – In case of solid oak flooring, a huge amount of timber is used for flooring a typical room, which is why engineered oak flooring is preferred as it requires a few pieces of timber to cover a standard room. As Global warming is increasing, to save the environment people choose engineered over solid oak flooring.
  • Cost efficient – Full solid plank of timber would increase the transportation cost, workmanship, shipping, and more timber usage. Engineered oak flooring requires less of timber which leads to the reduction of cost thus making it cost effective.
  • High Resistance (ability to withstand wear, pressure or damage) – Those who have kids or pets in their houses should always go for engineered oak flooring as it has high resistance properties to withstand pressure and damage. Also, high quality engineered oak flooring materials come with warranties.
  • Easy maintenance and healthy – one of the major benefits of engineered oak flooring are no dust mites accumulate on it. Dust mites are very harmful to children and can cause allergies. Wooden flooring is soft for Feet and also controls the room temperature of the house.
  • Many varieties, colors, and shades availability – Engineered wood comes in many varieties and has many shades in it. It has a wider range of shades to offer.

We have a wide variety of Engineered Oak flooring options available with easy installation facility.

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