Wood flooring Fitting methods

Imagine a house that people envy. House having the finest wooden flooring which brings out your style statement and is adorable to eyes. Surely, at some point of time you have wondered about getting those lovely wooden floors for your home but avoided it. If you still have that plan on and is saving the best for rest, then this is the time to do it. Because good things shouldn’t wait too long. Well, laying a wooden floor can be done as a DIY. Yes, like a DIY you can easily get that awesome looking glorious floor which you have been thinking about for so long now. All you need is a little persistence and voila!

Once settled with the look and budget, choose the fitting method for your floor. Choosing the method depends on flooring type whether installation will be above or below grade and also on the type of material used for subfloor.

Nail Down

This is the most common and solid way of installing hardwood floors. This method is used if you have a plywood subfloor. This simply requires nailing each plank individually to the plywood subfloor. This is the easiest method but it requires a hell lot of accuracy to do it properly. For precision, you can also take help from experts like Nexus flooring which is a genuine solid oak flooring supplier in London.

Glue Down

This method involves using adhesive to glue the floor to the both wooden and concrete subfloor. Make sure that subfloor is absolutely dry and flat. Since the floor will be glued directly to the subfloor, it is important to flatten the high and low spots. If you have a concrete subfloor, put down damp proof membrane to ensure that floor is not damaged with dampness.


This is the easiest DIY method of flooring. This method does not require any special skills or prior experience. It consists of inserting the tongue of one plank into the grove of another, lying flat on the subfloor. This method does not require adhesive to keep the planks in place. The groove specific adhesive secures the planks which are inserted into the groove. This gives the floor stability without fastening it to subfloor.

Staple down

This is very similar to nail down method with the only difference that instead of nails, staples are used to attach the floor to the subfloor. This is much simpler than nail down method. Stapling the floor is much easier than nailing.

No matter what flooring method you choose, the basic preparations remain the same for all the methods. Taking necessary precautions is important to make the installation durable. If you have any doubts about how to do it, it’s always better to go to an expert for help. Nexus flooring which provides the most durable engineered oak floor in London and you can always let them in to give you the most amazing experience of having a wooden floor that is always a treasure to have. 

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